About Cena
CENA is a privately owned engineering office established in 1999 and based in Ramallah. CENA has been providing planning, design, interior design, and construction management services for projects ranging from schools to TVET training centers, villas to housing projects, retail shops to bank regional premises, gardens to parks landscape. The leadership of the firm is vested in its two Principals – Shahin Shahin, General Manager and serves as Senior Structural Eng. and Hanan Yamin, Technical Manager and serves as Senior Architect. Our team members with the firm consist of professional engineers, architects and interior designers.

CENA is committed to accurately determine the needs of each client and identify innovative, economically feasible and environmentally responsible solutions. To support these capabilities, CENA employs a multi-disciplined group of professionals experienced in developing and implementing practical solutions to complex engineering problems.

CENA has contributed to architecture, structure engineering and interior design throughout the West Bank - Palestine area. CENA has led both design and supervision for projects up to $50 million in total design and construction costs, and our efforts have been instrumental in bringing projects to completion, on-time and on-budget.

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